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Hey, hi, hello! Welcome to Fehmbusch.

Maintaining horses' health – one of our core competences.

Andrea Engeler-Bading and her skilful team support the well-being of horses/sport horses in collaboration with experienced veterinarians. Here at Fehmbusch we utilise state-of-the-art equipment - on a scale unparalleled in the area of the Luhmühlen "Riding Mecca", or indeed anywhere in Northern Germany. All therapy services are carried out in accordance with a careful diagnosis and the requirements of the horses at livery with us or those simply visiting for treatment.

Every horse requiring therapy needs individual treatment tailored to suit its condition, constitution, temperament and character. We develop a comprehensive training plan and use modern equipment such as our aquatrainer, cold water machines and treadmills with vibration plates, which enable gentle and controlled walker exercises for the development of muscles and ligaments, as well as quicker recovery from injuries. In consultation with veterinarians, we create a treatment plan which forms the basis for comprehensive rehabilitation and regeneration.

You can find out more about us and the services we offer at fehmbusch.de. We look forward to your enquiry and are always happy to arrange a personal meeting.


Please also take a look at our information events with renowned speakers on various topics.



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