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Hey, hi, hello! Welcome to Fehmbusch.

A life with horses, where the focus is on the well-being of the animals - this is reality at Hof Fehmbusch. Dedicated, animal-loving and highly-skilled staff ensure the well-being and training of horses under optimum conditions at Hof Fehmbusch - in the heart of the countryside and yet not far from of the important equestrian location of Luhmühlen. At the modern stud, Andrea Engeler-Bading and her team have been breeding horses of renowned quality for the international market for many years. The horses for sale offered on this website all come with a pedigree spanning four generations as well as a comprehensive report. Foals bred here at our own stud as well as customers' horses at livery are trained with dedicated passion and great expertise by the successful dressage rider.

A diverse training program ensures varied sessions for the horses, improving their physical abilities as well as their mental stability. Plenty of free movement, optimum care and balanced, individual feeding as well as daily interaction with humans from day one are crucial for the development of healthy horses with lots of spirit as well as a kind temperament. Ourtherapy services provide targeted support for sport horses concerning regeneration and rehabilitation.

Andrea Engeler-Bading has successfully established herself as a dressage rider at international level with horses which she has bred herself. Horses trained by her can be found regularly in the front line-up at competitions, ridden by their owners.

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